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The methodology of Life-Tailored Learning has been developed by GERŐ Péter.

Life-Tailored Learning is the direct continuation of the author’s former publications and subjects on adult learning (chiefly: “The method of competence momentum”: CHIC Central Hungarian Innovation Centre; “Multimedia supported education and commerce”: Dennis Gabor College, Budapest; “Self-supported learning in the age of informatics”: University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Natural Sciences).


Gerő Péter

The author

I graduated as a secondary school teacher a very long time ago: I begun teaching adults almost thirty years ago. First I taught informatics; later, more and more, the methods of teaching, for would-be teachers, graduated teachers. I have a British qualification on learning material development and learner support for open and flexible learning, as well. I’ve got the absolutorium in a PhD programme in pedagogy: this is about adult learning too; but I have acheved the PhD degree in a more practical topic, on the application of life-tailored learning. My first adult training job was at SZÁMOK International Computer Training Institute: ancestor company of SZÁMALK: the biggest private IT education company in Hungary. I was public servant for a while; I was working in the world of multinational companies; and also as entrepreneur: I was one of the charter members of the Budapest Training Technology Centre where I was deputy director, head of Department of Methodology and Education; I was head of education at Nationale-Nederlanden Insurance Company, Hungarian Branch; I participated in founding one of the first ten private IT small enterprises in Hungary. I was an associate professor at Budapest Business School, Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism (an independent college at that time) teaching informatics, at Dennis Gabor College teaching the subjects “Multimedia supported education and commerce” and “Organization and leadership”, and at the University of Pécs, as they say, it was my subject the first one announced at two faculties at the same time: the title was “Self-supported learning in the age of informatics”. At the Szent István University, Faculty of Applied Arts (former: School-teacher Training Institute, Jászberény) I taught the methodology of life-tailored learning, among others with the title “E-learning and learning material development”. I have written more than twenty learning materials (course books, study-aids): there was one of them reprinted three times. My book on methodology was published as university textbook by the Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University in 2008: I was the lecturer on an educator retraining course there one year earlier.


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