Life Tailored Learning: the methodology

//Life Tailored Learning: the methodology
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In the early 90’s a large project was launched in Hungary with the help of the British Know How Fund to adapt the Anglo-Saxon methods of “open and flexible learning” to fit the Eastern Central European rules, traditions and habits of learning and teaching.

The plan was to adapt the methods and then disseminate them in the countries where the political/economical system had changed.

The result is: Life Tailored Learning: a whole system for adult learning material development and helping the adult learners: a system which fits the Anglo-Saxon and Eastern Central European education systems at the same time!


Life Tailored Learning is one of the educational methodologies available for adults to support their learning.

It is a sequence of methods and instructions (a practical guideline) to help with planning, organising, carrying out, evaluating as well as governing knowledge acquisition and its transfer.

It is a learning-teaching technology, which describes the learning process step by step, starting by assessing the learning needs, identifying whether entrance requirements / criteria are met through developing the professional content, structuring the learning content into modules as well as defining the roles of the student, teacher, consultant, tutor, mentor, all leading up to the closing evaluation (exam).

Characteristics of Life-Tailored Learning

It can be applied to any kind of learning aimed at achieving competence (knowledge that can be put into practice through the relevant motivational background).

The achievement of the learning aim (a standard set in advance) is objective and tested in a reliable and valid way, it is justifiable.

The amount of time and money invested in the learning process is possible to pre-calculate.

The drop-out rate is minimal and learning frustration is virtually eliminated

If you want to support learning in situations,

– when there is a difference in the participants’ level of knowledge, competence, abilities and motivation at the outset,

– when there is a need to acquire tested practical skills,

– when learners learn at different places and with different schedules (or where training at the same time and place would cause either too much concern or investment),

– and yet when we need a training course to be delivered in co-ordination regarding its content, method and standard

then maybe it is Life Tailored Learning, what you need!

Forms of Life-Tailored learning

  • university coursebook and training for learning content development and learning assistance activities
  • learning content and a learning assistance system to help attain the desired, envisaged competence
  • in a mobile version: a workstation (in accordance with log-in there can be a student, teacher, author ….and so forth workstations)